Make your Alfresco ready to live in the wild

Set of Alfresco extensions for developers that improves capabilities in case and process management areas

Work with Alfresco 5.x. Depricated for newer Alfresco versions! The project is frozen.

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For Developers Only

We don't offer you to install unknown JAR or AMP. Look at the sources, include dependency to your POM and use Alvex features in your project.

Value-added Features

Alvex brings new pages and end-user features to Alfresco. Orgchart, custom workflows, workflow permissions, masterdata, business calendar.

Open Source

All extensions are open. You can take the sources and see how it works, or you can join the development process to make Alvex better.



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We build enterprise business applications based on Alfresco to meet specific needs of our customers. Alfresco is a platform that can be used for a variety of tasks in different ways and environments. Our experienced team is ready to support you on your way from architecture planning to data migration and on-going support to maximize Alfresco implementation efficiencies, and deliver greater value to your business.

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We don’t offer you to buy Alvex, it’s open source, free and unsupported. But we can build a custom application and implement a project based on Alfresco for you.

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ITD Systems is an emerging technology company that develops, distributes and supports software built on open technologies. ITD Systems’s solutions help organizations to build private clouds, manage business processes and documents, and migrate mission-critical systems to enterprise open source technologies.


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